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Consulting: I might know that what you do not know.


Knowledge areas:

Maintenance Department:

Audit the efficiency, costs and management

Checking the relationship with the production department.


Production of board:

    Coated/Uncoated White Lined Chipboard

    Multi-ply Grey-board

    Plaster Board Liner

    Tube Winding Board

       Stock preparation:

                                    -Pulping, Voith and Black Clawson

                                                -Cleaning, Voith and Black Clawson

                                                -Dispersing, Voith

       Wet section:

                                    -Cylinder mould machines with speeds up to 340m/min.

                                                            Dorries/Voith short formers

                                                            Black CIawson Bristol formers

       Press section:


                                    -Vacuum systems

       Dryer section:

                                    -Dryers (incl. complicated arrangements for MG machines)

                                    -Infrared Radiators (gas and electrical)

                                    -Air treatment

       Heat Recovery:

                                    -Heat exchangers

       Control systems:

                                    -Measuring devices

                                    -Distributed control systems


                                    -Transport systems

                                    -Sheeters, Jagenberg and Pasaban

                                    -Packaging lines, Reker


                                    -Order processing systems, Honeywell Optivision


        Energy production:

                Energy conversion

                CHP systems


Environmental issues:

                Effluent treatment

                Meeting Kyoto agreement

                Emission of NOx and CO2


Jacob Wijpkema has more than 20 years of experience with travelling to all (7)

continents and more than 45 countries. He is willing and well prepared to work in most of the countries in the world.



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Our address : Jacob Wijpkema Services, Casillo de Correo 112, 4190 Rosario de la Frontera, Salta, Argentina

    tel.: 0054 3876 483596 / 0054 9387 6668873

in the Netherlands tel./fax: 0031 596 620396